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6th Dec 2016 (from Ulster Umpires)

Ulster Hockey Umpires Executive Committee Meeting (19:30) @ NICS Pavilion

11th Dec 2016 (from Irish HUA)

IHUA Executive Committee Meeting (10:30) @ ALSAA Sports Complex

10th Jan 2017 (from Ulster Umpires)

Ulster Hockey Umpires Executive Committee Meeting (19:30) @ NICS Pavilion

22nd Jan 2017 (from Irish HUA)

EYHL Umpires Mid-Season Workshop and Fitness Testing (10:45) @ TBC

7th Feb 2017 (from Ulster Umpires)

Ulster Hockey Umpires Executive Committee Meeting (18:30) @ NICS Pavilion

9th Sep 2017 (from Irish HUA)

EYHL Umpires Pre-Season Workshop and Fitness Testing (10:45) @ TBC

Recent News Items
30th November 2016
2017 Rules of Hockey and Player Equipment Requirements for Irish Competitions (from Irish HUA)

Three new documents are available to view in the Download Section of the IHUA website under 'Rules and Guidance'.

The first document relates to the new 2017 Rules of Hockey.

The second document relates to the formal implementation of these rules (1st January 2017) and highlights the key information regarding the specific rule changes.

The third document relates to safety issues regarding player equipment (especially at PC's) and how this will be managed in the intervening period until the new rules are implemented, to help Clubs be ready for the changes.

Hockey Ireland has notified all Clubs involved in Irish Competitions and advised the Provinces that they are also welcome to implement these rules.

14th November 2016
Umpire Feedback on Assessors, Coaches and Umpire Managers (from Irish HUA)

We recently purchased a new application for the umpire website which requires umpires to provide feedback on their appointed umpire watcher (Umpire Assessor, Umpire Coach or Umpire Manager). This applies to all national and provincial matches were a watcher has been appointed.

The ability for umpires to provide feedback on their “umpire watcher” is very important for the self-development of those watchers and to assist with ensuring that we promote a good environment for umpire development.

When you receive with your report, you will be prompted to fill out the Feedback Form. Please kindly take a few minutes of your time to do so. You should provide your honest opinion and make constructive comments on the overall standard of the feedback you received after your game. Please avoid being influenced by whether your feedback was positive or negative as the watchers are taught to provide their honest opinions on you!

Finally, please complete within 3 days of receiving your ...

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13th November 2016
Ray O’Connor - Guust Lathouwers Memorial Trophy (from Irish HUA) ...(with link - click here)

IHUA are delighted and proud to announce that Ray O’Connor has been presented with the Guust Lathouwers Memorial Trophy.

This award was created by the FIH and was presented to the Federation by the Koninklijke Nederlandse Hockey Bond to celebrate the life of Guust Lathouwers and to recognise his great contribution to the FIH and world hockey in the area of umpiring. It is awarded every two years.

The FIH Awards Panel awarded Ray the trophy on account of his outstanding service which has enriched the sport of hockey through the development and promotion of Umpiring. Ray has been responsible for some ground-breaking work, including the Road To Projects, which first began with the Road to London 2012. He was also a leading light behind the development of the EHF Umpire Development Panel (UDP), considered one of the most important umpiring projects at continental level.

We all congratulate Ray on this well deserved achievement.

7th November 2016
Umpire Coaching Award (from Irish HUA)

Congratulations to Gail Taylor on recently obtaining her EHF Level 1 Umpire Coaching Award.

Road to Tokyo Project (from Irish HUA)

Congratulations to Alison Keogh and Geoff Conn on their recent selection for the 'Road to Tokyo Project' by the FIH Umpiring Committee.

5th November 2016
Clarification guidance - playing the ball on the ground v sliding tackles (from Irish HUA)

There appears to be a little confusion about players playing the ball on the ground as opposed to ‘going to ground’ to make a sliding tackle. It is clear that not every player on the ground during a game of hockey commits an offence however players must be discouraged from deliberately sliding into tackles.

The following guidance is therefore issued for clarification: -

- A player simply playing the ball while on the ground does not commit an offence, subject to danger;

- A player going to ground to make a tackle who makes no contact with either the ball or another player does not commit an offence, subject to danger;

- A player going to ground to make a tackle who wins the ball cleanly without making contact with any other player does not commit an offence, subject to danger;

- A sliding tackle which takes an opponent to the ground has the potential to cause serious injury and is considered highly dangerous. The offending player must be punished with high penalty action - a ...

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Rules of Hockey 2017 - Interim Instruction (from Irish HUA)

Many of you may be aware that the FIH recently released a new rule book, from 1st January 2017.

Until notified about an implementation date for the above rules, all umpires, players and technical officials should continue to adhere to the FIH Rules of Hockey 2015.

24th October 2016
JP Senior Cup and Shield

The dates have been released for the above competitions - the draw has not taken place - but can you all please keep an eye on the system, once the draw has been done and I load the matches, these dates will then become available on the system - but just to give you a heads up - JP Cup - 7.01.17, 14.01.14, 21.01.17, 19.02.17 & 17.03.17 - JP Shield - 21.01.17, 12.02.17, 26.02.17, 05.03.17 & 17.03.17, thanks Linda

23rd October 2016
Expenses for Irish Cup Competitions (from Irish HUA) ...(with link - click here)

Please submit all outstanding expense claims for Irish competitions ASAP. Claim forms can be found on the portal - click 'Information' button, select 'Links & Downloads' from the drop down menu. Please only use EYHL form for EYHL games. Use the Umpire Expense Claim form (bottom of page) for all other cup competitions (and internationals). Please return completed claim forms to:

Mens - Tom Goode goodetom@icloud.com

Womens - Jamie Aiken jamie@webility.net

Please do not submit claims via the portal as they will not be recorded or paid.

20th October 2016
Umpire Promotion (from Irish HUA)

Congratulations to Malcolm Coombes on his recent upgrading to the National Development Panel (NDP) following his recent assessments and performances

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